“Seeing Christian perform his material will open your mind to the versatility of the harmonica. It is an amazing experience to hear this supposedly simple instrument produce the sort of complex music that would normally be expected from a skilfully wielded saxophone or trumpet. His trademark is a particularly pure and sweet tone, which he weaves through even the simplest of melodies into lively complexity. This tone is so effective that some of Christian’s more emotive works have on several occasions moved members of the audience to tears! “

“Christian displays a rare and awesome skill on both Diatonic and Chromatic harmonicas, and to see both types played at this level is an extremely rare experience.”

(Extracts from) Central Coast Advocate

“Just listened to your “Sketch ” CD, well done in the direction you set out to go, (Duke Ellington used that expression…).  You’re a good player!

Toots Thielemans

“All you need to do, Christian, is keep playing like you do and don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

Larry Adler

“You have a great sound and play with a lot of heart, and it really communicates to the audience!”

Howard Levy

“Nice harp baby”

Sugar Blue

“The Sketch” as “…intelligent and fresh contemporary George Benson “Breezin” style jazz with Marsh’s wonderful harmonica playing, leading an expert group.”

A writer for a Sunshine Coast newspaper, Andrew Tucker, described Christian’s band,

“The harmonica has never been anywhere as successful in jazz as it has been in the blues. The significant exception is Toots Thielemans, but he has little competition. The most famous harmonica player, Larry Adler, dabbled in jazz, which was secondary to his classical and popular music careers. More recently, Howard Levy has shown up on several albums in a supporting role, and has a couple of albums out under his own name. Australian Christian Marsh, with his album The Sketch, adds to the small list of jazz harp players. Playing both the diatonic and chromatic instruments, Marsh shuffles between smooth jazz, pop/rock, and new age styles on a play list of music by such diverse composers as Sting, Peter Gabriel, and legendary Argentinian accordionist Astor Piazzolla.”

by Dave Nathan – All About Jazz